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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Class Teacher: Mrs Philp

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lawrence (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Williams (Thursday and Friday)

Year 5 is taught by Mrs Philp.

We are very excited about the topics we have coming up.  We will be continuing to work hard in numeracy and learn lots of new skills. In literacy we are looking at stories based on the Tudors and writing our own Tudor stories. In topic, we will be studying the Tudors and learning all about Henry VIII. 

In Year 5 our Science topic has been all about different materials and their properties. We used filtering to separate sand from water and evaporation to separate salt from water. We placed a salt solution in petri dishes around different areas of the classroom and predicted which would evaporate fully first.


We also used chromatography to separate the inks in different pens to see who left us a horrible note. Turns out the culprit was Mrs Philp! This experiment was lots of fun.

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We have been having lots of fun in Year 5 this term. Our topic is on the Tudors and we have learnt a lot about the lives of the Tudors, especially Henry VIII and his 6 wives and Queen Elizabeth I. We have been designing our own interpretation of a Tudor House in DT and have started to make them, using the hacksaws and glue guns!. We are really looking forward to the finished article.


Next week we are going to Hereford Cathedral for the Tudor Trail. We can’t wait to meet Henry VIII and find out more about the lives of the Tudors.  

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Year 5 have made a great start to the new school year. They have all come back with a really positive attitude towards learning.


In our topic we are learning all about the Tudors. We will be learning some interesting facts about Henry VIII and his six wives. We have completed some fabulous pieces of art, including paintings of Brockhampton Gate House. 


We are really looking forward to our trip to Hereford Cathedral which will be after half term where we will be taking part in the Tudor Trail and possibly meeting Henry VIII. We will also be designing and constructing our own Black and White Tudor houses.

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