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Lugwardine Core Curricular Intent


At Lugwardine Primary Academy we develop children as resilient learners who have the knowledge, understanding and skills to be responsible and effective members of their community.


The curriculum we teach will enable our learners to be confident members of both their local community and the wider world. The children will leave Lugwardine Primary passionate about their beliefs and equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to achieve their full potential.


Our curriculum is designed to inspire, support and include. We believe that by developing the whole child, pupils will learn to transfer the skills and knowledge across different settings and circumstances. We believe all children benefit from a range of learning opportunities and seek to develop their experiences both inside and outside the classroom.



To achieve our intent we will:

  • plan, teach, assess, deliver & monitor a curriculum that reflects the expectations of the our curriculum as an entitlement for all children regardless of age, gender & race;
  • enable all pupils to work in an atmosphere that is exciting, stimulating and challenging in order for them to develop into independent learners;
  • provide the children with a wide range of opportunities, resources & teaching styles to promote knowledge, skills and understanding; 
  • actively promote the principle that all pupils should be encouraged to become independent learners.  They will be taught to collect and use information from a wide variety of sources and make sensible choices in all aspects of their learning;
  • make our curriculum broad from the foundation stage to Year 6, so that children are given a wide view of the world about them;
  • make it balanced, so that they are offered appropriate amounts of time depending on the importance of the subjects they are studying;
  • make it coherent, so that the children can make connections between subjects, where they overlap and interconnect; 
  • make it differentiated, so that children of different abilities are taught areas of the curriculum at their level, and are not prevented from making progress; give continuity and progression, so that children move smoothly from one stage to the next, at their pace and level of understanding;
  • deliver a curriculum relevant to current life, so that a meaningful context for learning is experienced.

To obtain additional information on any aspect of the curriculum please contact either the class teacher or the subject leader for details.