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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


Class teacher: Mrs Waldron

Teaching assistant: Mrs Louden

Year 4 is taught by Mrs Waldron and Mrs Louden supports us with our learning.


We had an exciting morning on Tuesday as we jumped aboard the polar express and went on a train ride! We experienced drinking hot chocolate and played games with our friends. As we journeyed, we wrote sentences including personification, similes and noun phrases.


Year 4 have been really busy during the first three weeks of this term. In Music we have been enthusiastically learning the cornet. Both Pete (the teacher) and Mrs Waldron have been super impressed.


In Year 4 we have been visited by a mysterious dragon. We had to ask Miss Taylor questions about what happened when the dragon visited school. The result by our roving reporters were some super newspaper reports.


We have enjoyed creating and painting our own dragons and making passports for them. We have also been decorating dragon eggs. 


In Science we have been busily learning all about the digestive system. There is a little surprise next week for the year 4s! Keep a look out on Facebook and the website.


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Before half term we successfully made Viking longboats. Whilst making the longboats we were able to show our good D.T skills but also used our values such as determination, perseverance, co-operation and caring. We were all very pleased with our finished product.


Since half term, we have undertaken a science experiment to show the effects that different drinks have on our teeth. We used hard boiled eggs for our experiment as the shell acts like enamel as well as using coke, milk, orange juice and water. We were surprised with the results. The orange juice had completely worn away the shell away and Mrs Waldron could actually cut the egg in half!