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School Council

The School Council comprises of two pupils from each class. They meet regularly to discuss issues.


Our school Eco-Committee:

Year 1 William Chloe
Year 2 Danny Millie
Year 3 Nathan Romy
Year 4 Luca Holly
Year 5 Scott Maddie
Year 6 Archie Keira


This year the children have decided to focus on three key areas. These are:

  • saving electric by turning lights and plugs off
  • making our outdoor environment more appealing by picking up litter and providing additional bins
  • to make use of the left over fruit and vegetables at lunch time by putting out a bin so that the produce can then be put into the compost bin in the garden.


The children have made signs to help remind the rest of the school and also did their very own assembly to promote their three main ideas and making our school more eco-friendly. We will keep you posted on the progress of the Eco-Committee. They have many more ideas they wish to work on!


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