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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3


Class Teachers: Miss Ballance

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Stayte

Year 3 is taught by Miss Ballance. Mrs Stayte helps support us with our learning. 

In Year 3 we are really enjoying our topic all about raging rocky rivers. We are particularly proud of our fish collage and cannot wait to display it in the classroom.

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In Year 3 we have had a fabulous start to the term. We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt. We have made masks and learnt all about the gods.

We are also loving reading in Year 3. We always choose interesting books and on a Friday a little friend joins us to listen to us read. Squirrel thinks we are very clever!

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In Year 3 we have had a very busy couple of weeks. We really enjoyed learning all about Diwali and made some super lamps which are on display in our classroom. We have also been creating some fabulous light to dark art work that links in with our Christmas Carol Literacy topic. We are really enjoying learning all about Scrooge and how he changed his grumpy ways overnight. We are having lots of fun with our drama work too and have even learnt some songs. We hope to share one in the carol service at the church.


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