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Meet the Team


Headteacher                             Miss Lindsey Taylor

Deputy Head                            Ms Angela Taylor

SENCo/Head of Inclusion       Ms Angela Taylor       

Business Manager                   Mrs Julie Hancock


Teaching Staff                          Year R           Mrs Alison Gibbons

     Year 1           Miss Hannah Watkins

     Year 2           Mrs Diane Hemming and
                           Mrs Louise Sewell

     Year 3           Ms Angela Taylor and

                           Mrs Rebecca Waldron

     Year 4           Ms Jan Cole

     Year 5           Mrs Sarah Philp

     Year 6           Miss Rachel Ballance

     PPA Cover    Mrs Kay West


Learning Mentor                       Mrs Michaela Farruggia           

Teaching Assistants                Mrs Judith Hann (HLTA)

                                                   Mrs Caroline Edwards (Nursery Nurse)

                                                   Mrs Elaine Brown

                                                   Mrs Pippa Genner
                                                   Mrs Stephanie Hinksman

                                                   Mrs Clare Lawrence

                                                   Mrs Nicky Louden

                                                   Mrs Joanne Owen 

                                                   Mrs Clare Stayte

                                                   Mrs Julia Westwood

                                                   Mrs Linda Williams


Lunchtime Supervisors           Mrs Elaine Brown
                                                   Mrs Yasmin Collier

                                                   Mrs Jackie Locke

                                                   Mrs Nicky Louden

                                                   Mrs Karen Mears

                                                   Mrs Clare Stayte                                    


Breakfast Club Assistants      Mrs Elaine Brown

                                                   Mrs Caroline Edwards

                                                   Mrs Judith Hann

                                                   Mrs Linda Williams


Administration Assistants       Miss Abi Williams     


Caretaker                                   Mr Alastair Collier

Cleaning Staff                            Mrs Jackie Locke 

                                                    Mr James Locke                                                

Miss Lindsey Taylor

Miss Taylor has been the Headteacher at Lugwardine Primary School since September 2013. She has worked in many different schools in London, Guildford, Worcestershire and Herefordshire and was the Headteacher at two other primary schools in Herefordshire before coming here. Miss Taylor particularly enjoys teaching in year 6 and likes to play the piano for assemblies. She is trying to learn to play “Happy Birthday” from memory for our Friday celebration assemblies. When she isn’t doing school work you can find Miss Taylor either on the golf course, in her garden or taking part in lots of different musical activities. 

The needs of the children come first, teach the basics and teach them well and a love of learning balanced with a sense of fun are Miss Taylor’s aims for all of us in school.


Mrs Alison Gibbons

Mrs Gibbons joined Lugwardine Primary School in September 2016 covering Maternity cover in the Reception Class. She has been an Early Years teacher for over 21 years and has worked in many different schools in Germany, Cyprus, Leicester and Herefordshire. Mrs Gibbons really enjoys working in the Early Years. She enjoys singing and dancing with the children and producing school plays. She is very passionate about teaching in Reception class and she believes that a stimulating learning environment inside and outside the classroom, will give children the tools to develop and learn essential lifelong skills.


When she is at home, Mrs Gibbons loves to go camping in her camper van and going for walks with her dog.


Miss Hannah Watkins

Miss Watkins started at Lugwardine Academy in January 2015, after teaching at a primary school in Cheltenham. In Class 1 Miss Watkins enjoys planning and delivering creative lessons taken from the children’s interests. Our topics often include ‘Heads and Tails’, ‘Superheroes’, and ‘How Does Your Garden Grow’. She is the subject leader for Art and Design & Technology, so loves teaching the children new forms of art and encouraging children to be imaginative and creative.

In and outside of school Miss Watkins enjoys being in the outdoors, rain or shine! So the children in her class have plenty of opportunity to explore the world around them in all seasons. At home she loves walking her dogs and riding her horses.


Mrs Diane Hemming

Mrs Hemming has been at Lugwardine for more than 10 years, in fact this is the longest she has ever stayed on one school! She has taught throughout KS1 and is currently in Year 2 which she loves. Mrs Hemming enjoys teaching all subjects but she does particularly like Literacy and she loves reading in her spare time. Mrs Hemming also loves teaching art, she enjoys making lino prints at home in the school holidays. Mrs Hemming has a real passion for travelling and exploring unusual places in the world. She has visited the Gambia in West Africa twice as part of teachers study visit. She lived with an African family in their home and did some teaching at our link school Kuloro.


Mrs Louise Sewell

Mrs Sewell has been at Lugwardine since 2009. She taught Reception class for 7 years but is currently in Year 2 which she loves. Mrs Sewell has just returned back to school after maternity leave and is now teaching part time with Mrs Hemming. Mrs Sewell has a baby daughter and when she isnt at school she enjoys taking her daughter to baby art classes and singing groups. Mrs Sewell enjoys teaching all subjects but she does particularly like Maths, French and Forest School. Mrs Sewell also loves teaching art and craft. She is very creative and enjoys making things. Mrs Sewell’s family live in France. She enjoys visiting them with her daughter as much as possible during the school holidays. When she visits France she loves to develop her French speaking skills.


Mrs Rebecca Waldron

Mrs Waldron has been teaching for 15 years in different schools in Herefordshire. She likes teaching Literacy and will endeavour to challenge the children to write technically but with plenty of creativity. She likes linking books to topic work making it relevant to their learning. She especially enjoys poetry writing. Being the subject leader for Science, Mrs Waldron is often setting up her classroom for science investigations.


Outside of school Mrs Waldron loves walking with her family and dog and is also a bit of a bird watcher! She enjoys life and is ever an optimist and will enthusiastically create a happy atmosphere in the classroom- for which she can be caught dancing around her classroom!


Ms Angela Taylor

Ms Taylor has taught at Lugwardine since September 2000. She is the deputy headteacher and head of Inclusion (SENCO). She has taught many different year groups. Before she moved to Lugwardine she taught at a very big school in Hereford. After leaving school she joined the RAF and then worked for PGL before deciding that she wanted to be a teacher.


Ms Taylor enjoys teaching all subjects but especially likes teaching maths and computing. Most of all she likes to make lessons interesting and relating them to ‘real life’. She loves to see children engaged in their learning and being excited about finding out new things. Ms Taylor is a very good swimmer and sometimes swims before she comes to school. She also enjoys art and craft, especially cross stitch, and she can play the clarinet. She enjoys teaching at Lugwardine because it is like one big happy family where everyone looks after each other.


Mrs Janet Cole


Mrs Sarah Philp

Mrs Philp has worked at Lugwardine Academy for 7 years now. She has mainly taught in Key Stage 2. She really likes teaching Year 6 and getting the children ready to move onto secondary school. Mrs Philp likes a quiet classroom so the children can concentrate on their work, especially whilst they are getting ready for SATs. She enjoys doing after school clubs and she really likes her board games club and rounders club in the summer. Her favourite lesson is Design and Technology because she likes to see how creative the children can be with some cardboard, wood and a glue gun! Outside of school she enjoys spending time with her family and being outside.


Miss Rachel Ballance

My name is Miss Ballance and I am teaching in Year 6. We have great fun learning and growing together and we try and behave in a way that encourages the other children to use their values at all time. As well as the normal subjects as Year 6 we get to do some special things, these include: Young leaders programme with Pete Gale and extended with Miss Ballance. We have planned carried out and evaluated various P.E sessions and are about to start planning a number hunt in the next couple of weeks. We lead the children in Key Stage Two and they really enjoy it. We also use various IPad programmes to enhance our learning and one of these is Seesaw. We make our own learning journeys where we celebrate our own and others achievements. We post pictures and commentaries to show how we are developing our thinking. It really is a busy year but I am loving my first year at Lugwardine.


Mrs Kay West

Mrs West has been working at Lugwardine since January 2010. She likes teaching music to everyone because it is creative and fun. However, she also enjoys lots of other school subjects because they can be fun and interesting too! Mrs West likes to make it possible for children to do the things that she enjoyed doing at primary school so she has a school choir and lunch time recorder clubs. She likes everyone to hear what children are learning to play on their instruments and thinks we have some great musicians in the school.


Mrs West has lots of hobbies and interesting activities that she likes to do when she is not at school. She enjoys being outside gardening, going for bike rides and exploring places, especiallywhen her family come to stay. Mrs West thinks that people are lucky to have such a lovely school.