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Thank you to everyone who wore a Christmas jumper on Friday 15th December to help us raise money for our school and chosen charities. From this event we raised £136.60!


Thank you to everyone who donated towards our Rags2Riches4Schools collection. In total we raised £143.20!

RE Visit

On Thursday 18th January Year 5 and Year 6 visited a Sikh Temple in Handsworth, Birmingham. On arrival we were met by Kiran who took us into a large room that is used as a communal dining area at weekends. Kiran told us about the building and asked if we had any questions. Then we removed our shoes, washed our hands and covered our heads with a scarf or hat in readiness to look around a couple of the prayer rooms.


When we returned to the dining area we had the opportunity to ask more questions and were given squash and biscuits before leaving.


We learned a lot from this visit and were made to feel very welcome. It was interesting to look around some of this beautiful temple.


Year 3 and Year 4 attended the same RE visit on Thursday 25th January. We had an amazing day out visiting a gurdwara in Birmingham and a Buddhist temple in Malvern. We learnt a lot about the way that Sikhs and Buddhists worship and were especially impressed with the amazing decoration in the gurdwara. Ms Taylor and Mrs Cole were very proud of all the children and the respect they showed when visiting the different places of worship. Thank you to Mrs West for organising the day and to the helpers who came along.