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SPaG parent workshops

After each class assembly this term parents have been invited back to their child’s class to take part in a range of spelling, punctuation and grammar activities. This has resulted in more than 90 parents learning about the teaching of grammar in school. What a wonderful turn-out compared to only 7 parents who came to an evening workshop last year.

We have also had some very positive comments from parents who attended, here is just small sample of the sort of comments we had...

  • It was much more complex than I was expecting.

  • Worthwhile and interesting. My son enjoyed showing me what he could do.

  • The teaching style was much more detailed than I remember at school, the skills were broken down so the kids can understand it better.

  • Very worthwhile and interesting. The games were a great way to test the knowledge of children (and parents.

  • I was impressed with the work and the way the children tackled it with real relish. I would welcome more of these sessions.

  • My child felt proud to show me what she was capable of.

  • The whole experience was very rewarding.

  • A great use of time, it was fun and educational. I look forward to future sessions.

  • It was real insight into how the children are taught and how they learn.

  • The activities were fun and it was great to see my child working alongside his peers. The children were very knowledgeable and I loved to see them helping each other. The range of difficulty in the tasks was good.

  • All the children were fully engaged, it was a tough subject but they all seemed to have a good understanding.

Thank you very much to all those who attended and we look forward to running more of these after assembly sessions next term, this time with a focus on maths.


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